Used Printmaking Presses

Other Used Printmaking Presses

We often acquire many different kinds of printmaking presses from printmakers who trade in their presses toward the purchase of a new Conrad Machine Co. Press. These traded-in presses consist of many different styles of printmaking presses made from many different manufacturers. Once we get a traded-in press, our technicians inspect, test, and rebuild the press. Then we offer it for sale as a used printmaking press. All the used printmaking presses offered by Conrad Machine Co. are in like-new working condition. Every part on the presses is thoroughly examined and tested to insure proper working order before the used press leaves our factory. Please contact our factory for special warranties on used printmaking presses not manufactured by Conrad Machine Co.

Listed below is a table of the other used presses we are currently offering.

Used Printmaking Presses

Press Description  Bed Plate Sizes  Prices 
Takach Floor Model Litho Press 44"x 84"  $11,900.00 
Rebuilt Wright Motorized Combination Press 27"x 48"  $2,800.00 
Rebuilt Wright Motorized Combination Press - (SOLD) 27"x 48"  $2,800.00 

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