Conrad Machine Co. Printmaking Accessories Printmaking Press Stand/work bench

Conrad Machine Co. Printmaking Press Stand /Work bench

Conrad Machine Co. E-18 Etching press and Printmaking Press stand/workbench

Conrad Machine Co. is proud to offer a complete line of printmaking stands and workbenches for all of our tabletop presses. We have custom designed and built all of our printmaking stands specifically for your unique Conrad press. Easy to setup and assembly, these stands provide a sturdy and permanent home in your studio for your Conrad tabletop press. The printmaking stand shown to the right has an optional wooden shelve. This is a great place to store inks, papers, plates, and other printmaking accessories while you are printing.

Conrad Machine Co. Etching Press Stand Workbench Cross Section

Printmaking Press Stand Frame

The frames of all Conrad Machine Co. printmaking press stands are made out of solid steel sheet metal and angle iron to provide a solid, sturdy work environment. The entire stand frame is finished with either durable zinc plating or high quality paint to protect it from rust and corrosion. The custom frame allows you to secure your press by either directly bolting it to the frame or attaching it to a bolted-on plywood top. Your press and stand will be stable and unmovable while printing under the heaviest of pressures.

Conrad Machine Co. Printmaking Press Stand Casters

Printmaking Press Stand
Optional Casters

If portability is a necessity, Conrad Machine Co. printmaking stands are available with optional casters. This is a great option in case you need to move your press around your studio. These smooth, high-quality casters allow you to easily push your press from one end of your studio to the other. These casters are bolted directly to the frame of your stand to ensure stability. Each wheel rotates 360 degrees, so you can effortlessly spin your press around to face the different directions of your studio. Each wheel can also be locked in place with its fully accessable brake lock.

Conrad Machine Co. E-31 Etching press and Printmaking Press stand/workbench

Printmaking Stand
Pictures and Pricing

Most Conrad tabletop presses are pictured with a stand on their respective pages. For additional press and stand pictures, please visit your favorite Conrad etching, combination, or monotype press' page using the navigation bar at the top of the page. Conrad printmaking stand and workbench pricing is offered in our printmaking catalog. Please see our printmaking catalog for more information.

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