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Z*Acryl Vertical Etching Tank

Our tank is an ideal alternative to the horizontal bath-style trays commonly used in the etching studio. It's design advantages are immediately apparent. As compared to a typical acid tray, the Vertical Etching Tank uses 80% less studio space, and has 95% less of the exposed area for evaporation. Even full, our tank can be safely moved around the studio. By comparison, bath-style trays are nearly impossible to empty or move without significant spillage. In 1995 we designed the first rotationally molded, seamless Vertical Etching Tank. It is made from 1/4 inch-thick, polyethylene and is unbreakable and leakproof.

Its design features include:

An extended drip ledge, which makes removing plates from the tank safer and mess-free. A snap-on, form fitting lid to inhibit evaporation Large capacity which allows two full 18"x24" plates (or many smaller plates) to be etched simultaneously. The vertical design which not only saves space and reduces evaporation, but encourages the use of the safest, longest lasting, and most precise etchant--ferric chloride. A separate stand that is 20" long, 9" wide, and 12" high which provides exceptional stability. Compatibility with all commonly used etchants. And all of this actually costs less than a conventional acid tray of comparable capacity. Please see our printmaking catalog for more pricing information.

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